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About Florida

The State: Florida is a state of America, which lies in its southern eastern corner. Its position, close to the Caribbean, means that the state enjoys year round sunshine with warm summers and mild winters. The weather means its a perfect place for visitors seeking the sun, and/or palm fringed sandy white beaches. Whilst being 2-3 driving hours in width and around 6 driving hours in length from Orlando to Miami, the whole of the state and the features it has to offer is easily accessible to everyone.

Climate: Florida is a semi-tropical climate, which can experience extremely hot and humid conditions in the mid-late summer months, with temperatures and humidity in the high 90's. The winter months however, are much more mild and temperate. Temperatures are comfortable, and are slightly below room temperate, with humidity at much more tolerable levels.

Month   Average High     Average Low   Rainfall

(F) (C) (F) (C) (in) (mm)
Jan 72 22 49 9 2 51
Feb 73 22 50 10 3 76
Mar 78 25 55 12 3 76
Apr 84 28 60 15 2 51
May 88 31 66 18 4 102
Jun 91 32 71 21 7 178
Jul 92 33 73 22 8 203
Aug 92 33 73 22 6 152
Sep 90 32 3 22 6 152
Oct 84 28 65 18 3 76
Nov 78 25 57 13 2 51
Dec 73 22 51 10 2 51

Passport and Entry: All travellers to Florida normally require a passport that has at least 6 months left to run, after the traveller's planned return date. Also, from 1st October 2003, there are two new changes. Firstly, ALL travellers, regardless of age, will need an individual passport in their own name. ALL passports will need to be "Machine Readable". For UK passport holders, this means they to be 10 year or 5 year for children, new-style small, red passports. To check your passport is machine readable, check that the picture page of your passport has digits followed by a series of ">>>>>>" characters. If you do not own a "Machine Readable" passport, you will need a visa prior to arrival. There are certain exclusions and restrictions. If you have been refused a visa, or hold a criminal record, please check with your local US embassy before travelling.

UK passport holders are eligible for the "Visa Waiver" program. Not all countries qualify, so you should check here well in advance to see if you need a US visa prior to travel. If you are travelling under the visa waiver program, you will need to fill out two forms, that your airline will provide. These are the green I-94W, entry/departure record, and the white customs form, that all travellers are required to fill out.

Visitors travelling under the Visa Waiver program, are eligble to reside in the US for upto 90 days in any given trip. All travellers must have a valid exit ticket on arrival, that is less than 90 days from their arrival date. There are no restrictions on the number of times a year you can enter the US under the Visa Waiver program, but the traveller must be able to prove to the immigration official that he/she is financially solvent and intends to leave within 90 days.

*** While we try and be as helpful as possible, all countries have their own sets of rules, regulations and restrictions and are liable to change at any time. We strongly suggest you contact the local US Embassy in your country about passport, immigration and innoculations before you travel. We are offering this advice as guide only and allows no legal redress if proved to be inaccurate or misleading ***

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